Our Maternity Session

We had our Maternity Session on Tuesday July 23, 2013 just one week before Lincoln was born. They were taken in Laguna Beach, CA by the Montage Resort by our Photographer Nataly Lemus and her husband Art. It was one very hot day and I was one big 9 month pregnant uncomfortable woman but we had a good time taking these pictures and glad we have nice pictures of when we were expecting our little guy.
 We received the cd of pictures yesterday and I couldn’t wait to finally share them ! I have to point out that I did weight 50 more pounds that I do now 😛




Our Hospital Bag is ready to go.

We have finished packing our hospital bag ! Now we are just waiting for baby Lincoln to decide he is ready. Come on baby !! 

-We are using a carry-on Luggage, diaper bag and Boppy Pillow. 

List of what is in my hospital bag: Pics below
1. An outfit for baby- bought mine at Baby Gap and embroidered his hat 
2. A light swaddling blanket- from Buy Buy Baby
3. Four pack of boy short underwear- Hanes from Target
4. 2 nursing bras- Gillian O’Malley from Target
5. Two pair of socks 
6. Slippers 
7. Black V-neck nightgown dress- to change into right after delivery- From Target 
8. Black button down PJ set- easy access for breast feeding- From Target
9. Extra pair of PJ pants- in case of accident- From Target
10. Gray light Robe- To wear on top of hospital gown if I want to walk around while in labor- from Target
11. Black long maxi dress that crosses in front- Its super comfy and flowy- From Target. 
12. Sandals to go home in. 
13. Pair of T-shirts and sleep shorts for Husband.
14. Hospital Snacks- craisins, Luna bars, gum, hard candy, walnuts. 
15. Chargers- phone, ipad, laptop, camera. 

List of what in my Toiletry Bag: Pics below
2. Toothpaste
3. Body wash- travel size from bath and body 
 4. Face wash- from Bare Minerals
5. Face lotion- Bare Minerals
6. Body lotion- Bath and Body
7. Deodorant for me and hubby
8. Razor
9. Hair tie and bobby pins. 
10. Nipple cream
12. Nipple pads
13. Q-tips

36 Weeks

This is the first time I have done a full weekly update. It might also be one of my last since at my appointment last week I was already dilated 3cm and 70% effaced. Eddie and me got really excited and very nervous to think he is almost in our arms ! Final countdown for sure ! 

36 Weeks 4 days 
Total Weight gain/loss: 
Exactly 40 lbs  Whoa ! But doc said a lot of it is water. You can tell from my feet and cankles
Maternity Clothes ? 
 Oh yeah ! I have even outgrown my maternity pants. I bought a few bigger maternity T-shirts and love wearing them with maxi skirts or dresses. 

Stretch Marks ? 
No 🙂 I am really hoping that I dont get any but keep thinking they will pop up overnight and on my last day of being pregnant. 

Best moment this week: 
Finally being able to go an a date with my husband. Went to Cheesecake Factory and watched World War Z. We also bought a much needed new crossover SUV that same day. 

Miss anything: 
I just miss feeling normal and not super swollen and exhausted. Being able to put on my shoes and clothes without breaking a sweat and running out of breath. 

Yes ! Lots of movements and hard kicks and punches. He is a strong little guy. His head likes to be on my bladder too. 

Food cravings: 
Most of the pregnancy I have mostly craved fruit. I am loving juicy srawberrries and nectars. I already ate one today and might go eat another in a minute. 

 Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Not since the first trimester.

Its a little guy 
Labor Signs: 
Well doc said I am 3cm and I have been feeling him very low. Some cramps and contrations here and there but not too strong. Hoping he stays in at least one more week since we have a photo session on tuesday. 
Belly Button in or out ? 
Its sorta out on top.
Wedding rings on or off ? 
With this swelling they have been off for at least a month now 😦 
Happy or Moody most of the time:
I feel I am Happy most of the time except when I am trying to find something to wear and nothing fits. But since my last day of work was friday I am more happy now hehe. 

Looking forward to:
Being 100% prepared for his arrival and hoping to get good maternity pictures on Tuesday. 

New Blog. New Place.

I have started this blog mostly for us to be able to look back at what I feel are the best moments in our life. Also to share with our family and friends our life as we grow from a little family of 2 to 3. Both of us were born and raised in Orange County, CA and cant wait to raise our child baby Lincoln here too. To all that read this thanks for being interested in following us and the things we do. I wanted to start this blog with our move to a new place. Oh and no we dont love moving. We both really hate it ! But since our little addition is coming in a few weeks we were in need of more room. We did get approved for a mortgage but unfortunately did not find a home that we liked and didnt feel like rushing into anything. So for now its still apartment living for us. At least until I finish Nursing school. We are still staying in Irvine to be in between our jobs and school. We just moved this past weekend and since Im a huge Preggo Eddie did mostly all the work. I have such an amazing husband. We are almost done with the unpacking and ready to focus on Babys Nursery. I am so ready and excited to have it done ! Lincolns empty room now:


 His closet with some gifts we received from the baby shower. It needs to get organized.

 As we were driving away from our last place I took a pic of the lovely park. I really enjoyed living there but I know we will create beautiful memories here.


And our new place