About us

We meet when we were tiny little babies… REALLY we did ! But we just don’t remember 🙂
Both our parents worked together at an egg farm. That is where my parents had their wedding reception too. Eddies mom was a bridesmaid in the wedding and his dad was a good friend of my dads. At my parents wedding is when his parents got together. Fast forward a year later I was born and two weeks later Eddie was born. His dad thought it would be funny to start calling my parents co-parent in laws. My dad was not so impressed 😉

     Then 13 years later I had my picure taken at a mall glamour shots that were so popular at the time and I gave one to my cousin Luis Felipe. One day I got a call from him telling me his friend (Eduardo) saw my pic in his wallet and he told him to “hook it up” Yup thats what a 13 year old Eddie said.

     We end up meeting a few months later shorlty after turning 14. He asked me out on Valentines Day 1996 with a Snoopy Card and flowers Awwwww hehe !  I was not allowed to date yet and had to lie to my mom but my aunt blew my cover. Later she told us how she knew his mom and how funny it was that we actually meet and have started dating. We had fun together as High School sweethearts. We were even voted cutest couple and he was my date for my “Quinceanera” “Sweet 15” Party. 

     On my 25th Birthday Eduardo surprised me on a Newport Bay dinner cruise and then drove me home to where he had set up candles all over my parents porch with a big hand painted sign that said “WILL YOU MARRY ME” and I said YES !

     We got married on Valentines Day 2009 and had a dream Disney Fairytale Wedding. It was one of the most beautiful day of my life. The next day of my life that can top that day is the birth day of our son Lincoln.

WOW ! That is one long story !! We are now enjoying the new phase of our lives as parents and love growing old together ❤

Our Relationship in pictures……….



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