Our Hospital Bag is ready to go.

We have finished packing our hospital bag ! Now we are just waiting for baby Lincoln to decide he is ready. Come on baby !! 

-We are using a carry-on Luggage, diaper bag and Boppy Pillow. 

List of what is in my hospital bag: Pics below
1. An outfit for baby- bought mine at Baby Gap and embroidered his hat 
2. A light swaddling blanket- from Buy Buy Baby
3. Four pack of boy short underwear- Hanes from Target
4. 2 nursing bras- Gillian O’Malley from Target
5. Two pair of socks 
6. Slippers 
7. Black V-neck nightgown dress- to change into right after delivery- From Target 
8. Black button down PJ set- easy access for breast feeding- From Target
9. Extra pair of PJ pants- in case of accident- From Target
10. Gray light Robe- To wear on top of hospital gown if I want to walk around while in labor- from Target
11. Black long maxi dress that crosses in front- Its super comfy and flowy- From Target. 
12. Sandals to go home in. 
13. Pair of T-shirts and sleep shorts for Husband.
14. Hospital Snacks- craisins, Luna bars, gum, hard candy, walnuts. 
15. Chargers- phone, ipad, laptop, camera. 

List of what in my Toiletry Bag: Pics below
2. Toothpaste
3. Body wash- travel size from bath and body 
 4. Face wash- from Bare Minerals
5. Face lotion- Bare Minerals
6. Body lotion- Bath and Body
7. Deodorant for me and hubby
8. Razor
9. Hair tie and bobby pins. 
10. Nipple cream
12. Nipple pads
13. Q-tips


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