New Blog. New Place.

I have started this blog mostly for us to be able to look back at what I feel are the best moments in our life. Also to share with our family and friends our life as we grow from a little family of 2 to 3. Both of us were born and raised in Orange County, CA and cant wait to raise our child baby Lincoln here too. To all that read this thanks for being interested in following us and the things we do. I wanted to start this blog with our move to a new place. Oh and no we dont love moving. We both really hate it ! But since our little addition is coming in a few weeks we were in need of more room. We did get approved for a mortgage but unfortunately did not find a home that we liked and didnt feel like rushing into anything. So for now its still apartment living for us. At least until I finish Nursing school. We are still staying in Irvine to be in between our jobs and school. We just moved this past weekend and since Im a huge Preggo Eddie did mostly all the work. I have such an amazing husband. We are almost done with the unpacking and ready to focus on Babys Nursery. I am so ready and excited to have it done ! Lincolns empty room now:


 His closet with some gifts we received from the baby shower. It needs to get organized.

 As we were driving away from our last place I took a pic of the lovely park. I really enjoyed living there but I know we will create beautiful memories here.


And our new place



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